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touka & rize’ | parallel

+tokyo ghoul;  

Miracles Week | Day 7 → Free Throw
→ The Generation of Miracles
+kuroko no basuke;  +kise;  +lover;  +kuroko;  +aomine;  +notti's fucking husband;  +akashi;  +atsushi;  +shintaro;  

Matsuoka Rin 松岡 凛 - Ep. 2
+matsuoka rin;  +free;  

Ao Haru no Ride
+futaba;  +kou;  +-squishes your cheeks-;  +ao haru ride;  +otp: it's just like before;  

2432. shikamaru and temari. playing chess.


dedicated to akahshi

"You won’t let me win, huh?"

"Well… you’d throw a fit if I did…"

Yawning, tears prickled at his eyes as he stretched, waiting for Temari to figure out her next move. She had come over, having free time and waiting on either Kankuro or Gaara to go back to Suna.

Fan set to the side along with her bag, she walked around his living room until finding a chessboard, setting it up and telling him to get his ass over to the couch.

Bed to couch was far.

They’d played five games so far and Shikamaru won every one, and starting the fourth game she’d snapped at him to start letting them drag out so long if he could finish it in half the time.

(He could, but he also didn’t want to get yelled at on a nice cloudy day.)

"Your turn."

Leaning forward, his eyes skimmed over the board and he moved his knight and leaned back against the couch again with a groan. “Temari… I was napping…”

She scoffed. “I’m keeping your brain sharp.”

"Aah… I’m tired…"

One eye opening, he stretched and turned away to hide a slight smirk. Although he acted as if he was about ready to fall asleep, this was probably one of the more serious games he’d played in a while (although it wasn’t too hard to be better at Naruto or Kiba at chess…)

After all, very few people could last in a game for fifteen or more minutes with him.

+SHIKATEMA IS THE MOST ADORABLE;  +THIS IS ADORABLE;  +shikamaru;  +temari;  +naruto;  +soulmate's lovely writing;  +specialspecial;  +THANK YOU SOULMATE;  

cloud for amazing allison  ^3^

+THIS IS LOVELY;  +OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS LOVELY;  +THANK YOU PRECIOUS JULIA;  +THIS IS LOVELYYYY;  +AHHHH;  +king my king my king;  +my king;  +king;  +ahhhhh;  +THANK YOU;  +;A;;  +cloud;  +cloud strife;  +ff;  +ffvii;  +specialspecial;  +HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT I'M CRY;  

tokyo ghoul, ending images.

+tokyo ghoul;  

The century’s greatest detective

+death note;  +L;  +kira's lovely graphics and gifs and edits;  


1/6 Female Characters ➵ Aika Fuwa

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1. Makoto Tachibana ( 1 / 5 )
For Allison 
+free;  +tachibana makoto;  

In the end, I went to be rejected, to be able to move forward. What am I supposed to do? Even though I thought my heart would become free if I got rejected, it’s not free at all. In the end, even now I’m even attached to Kou like an idiot.”

+futaba;  +kou;  +-squishes your cheeks-;  +ao haru ride;  +otp: it's just like before;  

+noragami;  +yato;  +jessica's god;  

Kamisama Hajimemashita
+kamisama;  +otp: my highest priority;  +tomoe;  +momozono;  

Free! Ep.02 » Yamazaki Sousuke
+free;  +sousuke;  

List of favourite characters 【2Lelouch "vi Britannia" Lamperouge
+lelouch;  +my prince;  +code geass;  +this is lovely....;